The world would be more peaceful if people made more ice cream. I cannot prove this theory, but I can tell you why I believe it is true. My sister’s four children – twins Faith and Grace, 14, Joe, 12 and Kate, 11 – spent their spring break in St.

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I’ll tell you the truth: I’m sick to death of all the maintenance. I love where I live, but I find it requires a lot these days to keep things looking like I even care.

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Lettuce, tomatoes and carrots are growing in my garden plot, but I cannot bring myself to plant the watermelons. A Ziploc bag of watermelon seeds sits safely in my freezer, reminding me of a kindness that once split my heart open.

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He may be the world’s most annoying 12-year-old. He cannot speak without yelling, and his favorite word is ‘ain’t,’ as in, ‘You ain’t the boss of me.

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ABC has a new reality show called ‘My Diet is Better Than Yours,’ in which contestants choose different diets and compete to see who loses the most weight.

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Even though my children are grown, there are moments when I feel I failed as a mother. My son, who’s 20 and a junior at Flagler College, came for dinner last Sunday night.

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I’d been there once before, in 2010. In her international bestseller “Eat, Pray, Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert raved about a pizzeria in Naples, Italy, the birthplace of pizza, and I decided that when in Naples, I would eat their pizza.

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I broke one of the “Ten Commandments” of family gatherings, and I am suffering for my sin. When my brother married some 22 years ago, his new bride let it be known she wasn’t much of a cook.

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My brother and sister and I played the same game every year at Christmastime. Because our father was a pastor, we made the trip between our house and the church quite often.

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My students at Flagler College were writing an essay on this topic: If you could have any superpower, what would you choose and why?As we discussed thesis statements and narrative techniques, I contemplated which superpower I would select if I were granted that choice.

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