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Tweet A link to my latest column for The St. Augustine Record: Below is the text: I have a recurring bad dream in which I am standing in front of my high school locker panicked because I have forgotten the combination. I sometimes still have that dream, although it has changed. Now I am […]

Tweet I was happily surprised last month when Dr. Julian Ng, President of Warnborough College, the school where I earned my PhD in Creative Writing, offered me the position of Director of the school’s Creative Writing Programs. I had to think about it. Hard. For at least ten seconds. Anyone who has followed me for […]

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Tweet Sandi Hutcheson: Advantage, Comcast |   Have you heard the recent joke about the war on drugs?             The best way to end the war on drugs, the joke goes, is to legalize them but make people buy them from their cable provider.             It makes sense. You have to go through 12 […]

Tweet Sandi Hutcheson: Advantage, Comcast |

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Tweet There’s nothing in the world better than a fresh Georgia peach.  Click here for the link to my latest column in the St. Augustine Record. Peach picking |

Tweet This is my St. Augustine Record column for December 28, 2014.  You can also link to it here.   There are things — and sometimes even people — in this world that can get used up and messed up to the point of being a total loss. You can’t rehabilitate them. Years ago, my […]

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