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Tweet As the keeper of three incorrigible dachshunds, a three-legged Australian Shepherd, and a Bengal cat prone to STD’s, I was hardly surprised when my trip to Italy was jeopardized by a wayward pussy. Since we live in the same neighborhood, my traveling companions offered to give me a ride to the airport.  Our flight […]

Tweet Pancho the overgrown puppy is having the time of his life at my house.  He jumps into the pool approximately every fifteen minutes, which means he stays wet all day long.  So he got a haircut  (a shave, really, since he can’t stand on three legs long enough to brush his hair out), and he […]

Tweet Laverne sniffed my hand suspiciously. “You’ve been petting someone tall, dark, and handsome,” she said in an accusing voice. “There’s been no petting in my life in quite some time,” I said, adding, “Maybe we need to get the nose checked?” “Not human tall, dark, and handsome. Canine. And while you were out fooling […]

If the measure passed, the article went on to say, animals in Switzerland would be guaranteed the right to an attorney. And if they could not afford an attorney, one would be provided at the expense of the government.