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Tweet My trainer, Andrew Johnston of Triumph Training, is a smart man.   I don’t like to admit to laziness, but I will admit that when Andrew tells me I should or should not be eating something, I don’t bother to check the research.  This is because if Andrew says it, he has already read the […]

Tweet Last week, my kids were discussing a friend’s new romance and the couple’s substantial age difference.  The girl is in her twenties, and the man is over forty.  My son said, “He even looks older than you, Mom.” “Thanks.” He hastened to explain by saying, “I mean, I know how old you are, and […]

Tweet My three kids are spread out across the country.  My older daughter is in Manhattan preparing to graduate from New York University.  My second daughter studies neuroscience at the University of Colorado, and my son recently left for college in Tallahassee, Florida.  This Thanksgiving Day, for the first time in several years, we will […]

Tweet This past week, I drove my daughter to Atlanta to help complete her move to St. Augustine.  The problem with living at the beach, I’ve come to realize, is that I’m not a very happy girl until I get back home. But I made good use of my time away by booking an appointment […]

Tweet Four months after my father’s mother died, my Granddad called to ask my sister and me if we would come help clean out his attic. My grandmother, Glennis Smith Adams, grew up in northwest Georgia during the Great Depression.   Breakfast, she often told me, was sometimes only a biscuit dunked in a cup of […]