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Tweet The people who owned my house before I bought it had the ridiculous notion that if one of something is a good thing, ten of that thing is even better.  While that logic might be true with, say, jelly beans or dollars, it does not extrapolate to things like children, time in a tanning […]

Tweet God is in the bars, and I can prove it. I’m not writing to prove the existence of God.  We’re all grownups here, and it’s really up to each of us to answer these questions for ourselves.  But I do have a little story that, I think, might point to an omniscient, omnipresent power […]

Tweet The times, they are a-changin’. This time last year, I was in the Bed, Bath, and Beyond in lower Manhattan along with the other 10,000 incoming New York University freshman and their parents.  We were outfitting my daughter’s freshman dorm with towels, sheets, a comforter, a pillow, pots and pans, and two (count ’em […]

Tweet This is a post written exactly one year ago, when my daughter was beginning her freshman year at New York University.  Next time, I’ll describe our adventures in getting her to NYU for her sophomore year. Ten minutes after her grandmother and I hugged my daughter goodbye and left her  alone in the massive […]

Tweet I used to have a friend named Butch who would stand next to my car in the parking lot of Starbuck’s every weekday morning around 8:00 telling me stories while I waited for my older daughter to get her morning mocha on the way to school. Butch was in his 70s, and he had […]

Tweet My girl finished her freshman year at New York University this past week. The year flew.  It seems like yesterday we were eating breakfast at Norma’s in Manhattan and discussing what items we needed to purchase for her room. Rug. Blanket. Lamp. Maybe a microwave, if her suitemates didn’t already have one. A couple of pots and […]

Tweet Please tell me I’m not special. I’d hate to think that I’m the only person in the world who has terrible luck with New York cab drivers. Last fall, during the trip to deliver my daughter to her dorm at NYU, I got into a verbal altercation with a cabbie complicated by the fact […]

Tweet In the months preceding my daughter’s departure for New York University, I repeatedly asked her to box up the things she wanted and to get rid of the clothes she no longer wore because I was putting the house on the market. “But I don’t have any clothes I don’t wear,” Morgan said. “You […]