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Tweet Brian Doyle, an award-winning author and the editor of Portland Magazine, says, “Bad personal essays are about the writer. Good personal essays are about all of us.” His point, of course, is that good writing touches something familiar in us. It makes us nod our heads and say, “Uh huh, that reminds me of Cousin […]

Tweet Rick Bragg, one of the authors I admire most, has a regular column on the last page of Southern Living magazine.   It’s the first page I turn to when my copy arrives.  In fact, it’s the reason I have a subscription. This month, he writes about the blessing before Thanksgiving dinner, saying, “It consisted, […]

Tweet I used to think it was something in the soil, that the dirt in certain spots just grew great writers. Like William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, and John Grisham in Mississippi.  Or like the way Rick Bragg, Lewis Grizzard, and Pat Conroy all have roots in a narrow stretch of the Appalachian foothills between east […]