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Tweet Pancho, my three-legged Australian Shepherd, has a job.  This past summer, his groomer, Roger, said to me, “You should get him certified as a therapy dog.  He’s such a sweetheart that I think he’d be really good.” We started Pet Therapy classes in September, and under the expert training of Pat Ennis, he and […]

Tweet My prince finally showed up. Well, The Prince of Tides, to be completely honest.  Ever since his newest book, My Reading Life, came out last fall, I’ve been yammering about Pat Conroy.  Over the years, I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get his autograph.  And last fall, I missed his book tour events in both Atlanta […]

Tweet My nephew Joe is obsessed with turtles.  Actually, he’s obsessed with all frogs, lizards, turtles, and other slimy, crawly creatures.  It’s bad enough to be called “a reptile dysfunction.” But I have to say I’m with him on the turtle obsession.  Mine started around the time my oldest child was an infant. My then-husband […]