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Tweet We buried a dachshund this morning.  As I patted down the last clods of dirt on his grave, I said to my kids, “Well, I guess there’s been a collective sigh of relief among the postal workers and the UPS and FedEX guys this morning.”   It was the truest thing I could have […]

Tweet You know the old saying about even a blind dog sometimes being able to find a bone?   The meaning, of course, is that every once in a while life throws a little good our way, so chin up.  Be happy.  See the glass as half full. At my house, we’ve changed the saying, though.  It […]

Tweet In 2007, Elizabeth Gilbert published a beautiful memoir called Eat, Pray, Love that spent over three years on the New York Times paperback bestseller list.  Near the end of the book, she tells the story of meeting the man she eventually marries.  She describes one of their early dates, during which they had a […]

Tweet Recently, a neighbor took the time to walk across the street and ring my doorbell to inform me that he is unable to sit on his front porch in the afternoon and enjoy a glass of wine because my dachshunds, Laverne and Shirley, bark too much. Seriously? At the time you came knocking, neighbor, […]

Tweet I have a friend who owned an English mastiff named Max who almost made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Unfortunately, the 300-pound dog died before he could be verified as the biggest dog in the world. Max was so big, in fact, that when he was diagnosed with cancer, my friend […]