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Tweet Sandi Hutcheson: Advantage, Comcast | StAugustine.com.   Have you heard the recent joke about the war on drugs?             The best way to end the war on drugs, the joke goes, is to legalize them but make people buy them from their cable provider.             It makes sense. You have to go through 12 […]

Tweet Sandi Hutcheson: Advantage, Comcast | StAugustine.com.

Tweet The times, they are a-changin’. This time last year, I was in the Bed, Bath, and Beyond in lower Manhattan along with the other 10,000 incoming New York University freshman and their parents.  We were outfitting my daughter’s freshman dorm with towels, sheets, a comforter, a pillow, pots and pans, and two (count ’em […]

Tweet This is a post written exactly one year ago, when my daughter was beginning her freshman year at New York University.  Next time, I’ll describe our adventures in getting her to NYU for her sophomore year. Ten minutes after her grandmother and I hugged my daughter goodbye and left her  alone in the massive […]

Tweet John Isner, a 6’9” graduate of the University of Georgia, won the longest tennis match in history yesterday, a Wimbledon thriller that lasted just over 11 hours and spanned the course of three days.  In fact, the fifth set alone was the longest match in history.  According to the London Telegraph, he went through […]